And now I’m Banning Words …

I’ll second the call to ban this word (out of context)!

Sissy Dunn - Author

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

What word would it be? I can think of many, but in the last few years the word that annoys me most is ‘impact’. Everything ‘impacts’. In most cases, the word used should be affect, but because the person saying whatever it is they’re saying (this is usually the news) they use impact for everything.

Impact, in meaning, is about ‘force’, not how someone or something is affected.

The floods – how many people were ‘impacted’? No. How many people were affected? Which means, how many people did this have an effect on, or make a difference to? Nothing to do with force.

So, rant over. Next week, I’ll go back to doing a short story. Promise.

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10 thoughts on “And now I’m Banning Words …

  1. A lot of people get affect and effect confused, so maybe that’s why they use impact, which is sounds “corporate.”
    Another word of that type, that drives me crazy, is “leverage.” In most cases it can be replaced with “use.”

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  2. Having some knowledge of the language development area, I have to bite back my tendency to be critical of developing word use, but I’m only human and experience many aggravations and cause these for others, at times too, I’m sure. One of my pet hates is the overuse of utilise and utilisation (with the z for our US friends). The word ‘use’ says it all but doesn’t sound fancy enough maybe? And then, there is ’empathetic’ – isn’t ’empathic’ sufficient and it’s the ‘pathetic’ that jumps out at me. I’d better ‘Say No More’ ….

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