Down for the Count

Did you miss me?

It’s not that I’ve gone anywhere … okay, I did go on a short holiday for a couple of weeks, but I came home. When I got home, unpacked, did all the stuff you do after getting back to home base – well, then I collapsed. With tiredness, I thought, so I stayed in bed for a couple of days.

It’s been a while since I had ‘flu, but I got it good this time. Or it got me. Whichever way it is, get tired and close to the lurgy and it gets you right in the throat. Very friendly critters, lurgies.

So, at the end of all that excuse-making for my absence, I’m here to tell you I should be back in the chair for more than a minute or two each day. Soon. I hope. If things go well.

For now, I’m heading to the kitchen for the soup, then to the favourite chair with the favourite blankie draped over me and watch a favourite movie with my eyes closed.


I do have some good news.

There’s a new anthology coming out this year titled We’re Infested with one of my stories in it – UnBucolic. Yep, a scary, creepy horror story, as you may have guessed. My favourite kind. But I’ll let you know more as things happen. In the meantime, stay well, read lots, and welcome every day you wake to daylight and the promise of Spring (or, in my case, Autumn – both my favourite seasons).

Ciao, friends. See you again soon.

24 thoughts on “Down for the Count

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I love the comfy chair, movies with your eyes closed, a good blanket and a jug of something to drink nearby–my idea of heaven–but it’s nowhere near as much fun when you feel like crap. Enjoy what you can.

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    • I does seem that way. Maybe it’s all the stress of changing from ‘away’ mode to ‘normal’ mode, from holiday to housework, from play to work. I know I got tired just thinking about the work that needed to be done as soon as the car was unpacked.


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