R&R Month

Or Season? Anyway, I'm on sabbatical, sort of. Doing a course, resting the hands, collaborating on a short story (will give details when it gets accepted into the anthology), and daydreaming in a sunny spot in the garden. So, that's all folks, at least until December, then it depends on the state of play with … Continue reading R&R Month

A Truth

#blogginginsights from SaltedCaramel. A deep sigh, followed by a few keys tapped. A deeper sigh. My thumbs are healing. So slow. Too slow. How can a writer not write? I'm with Franz Kafka. I'm a monster, grumpy, suffering severe bouts of COF Syndrome (that's cranky old fart syndrome in case you want to use it), … Continue reading A Truth

Flower Day — Spring Equinox

In the southern hemisphere, today is the Spring Equinox. To the northerners, it's the Autumn/Fall equinox. But we have something special in Adelaide for Spring Equinox. We have Flower Day. Yep. Have a look at the Adelaide City Council's play (although I prefer the Botanic Gardens version of Flower Day). Unfortunately, both these sites lack … Continue reading Flower Day — Spring Equinox