Time – Where does it go? Where can I get more?

A prosaic question to lead toward how we find the joy in life. Obligations use time. Family, work, eating, sleeping, socialising. Keeping house, gardening, shopping, walking the dog. Obligations and the time they take. All these obligatory things take time away from writing. Apparently, I should be able to write a book a month. Maybe … Continue reading Time – Where does it go? Where can I get more?

What to Toss, and When

Spring is the time of Spring cleaning. Decision time. Throw stuff out, donate stuff that's never used, repurpose stuff that's failing its current use. And the big question: New doonas and covers? What's in the house already? Several wool doonas, aptly named fluffies. Several cotton doonas, best for between season weather. And two cotton-waffle blankets … Continue reading What to Toss, and When


It's a couple of weeks until Spring down here. Weeds are currently doing impressions of berserkers, and citrus and fruit trees are showing signs of waking up. The mango tree is filled with flower spikes. Spring. A time of wonder and awe. And also hunger. It's the time of year when not many things are … Continue reading Spring


"You talkin' to me, punk?" That's the cat, whose name was once Slinky. He's a real spy-cat, a super-hero who can leap tall bookcases in a single bound - especially late at night when the walls vibrate with human purring, and he thinks they should either be quiet, or - the better option - get … Continue reading Kaoticat