The Game

of attraction. Not between people, but toward a purpose, an end point. This is an experiment, so here goes ... Photo by Mitchell Luo on The Door The sign was for a new style of massage, with an image of strong masculine hands shaped to knead muscles. Hands with no callouses, short nails, no … Continue reading The Game

Just so you know …

I'm taking a little nap from the site for a while. Back in May, 2021, unless I catch too many mice in my dreams. What I'm doing, in reality, is editing and writing and editing and writing and editing and writing ... I'll be back ...

Five Year Anniversary

Any reason to celebrate is a good reason ... ACHIEVEMENT Happy Anniversary with!You registered on 5 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging. Now, how shall I celebrate? Wine, music and dance? Burger, beer and dance? Barbie, bangers, and beer? Think I'll go the beer and bangers. Photo by Enric Cruz … Continue reading Five Year Anniversary

The Word-Witch

Or Wicked Witch. Whatever. I'm the witch. It's not a compliment, I'm sure of that. Picky, pedantic, pushy. A few other words. Why? Some people get offended when I give them a critique of their work. Maybe I'm not as nice as I could be, maybe I don't want to lay on the sugar, but … Continue reading The Word-Witch