An Interview & Review: The Garden Black by Frank Prem

Hello, Frank. I thoroughly enjoyed The Garden Black and I’m wondering what the inspiration behind each piece was, and how you created the relived moment? Frank: All the poems in the Garden Black collection come from the same root – an idea of fantasy and broader speculation. They are also rooted in a mood – … Continue reading An Interview & Review: The Garden Black by Frank Prem

Review – Storm Dancer, by Rayne Hall

A reblog, because I missed the firing up on the right day ... sorry. First up, a warning – this story is dark fantasy. Dark, dark fantasy with potential triggers re physical abuse/rape. I've posted about another of Rayne's stories, and always enjoy the the style and tone. This is the darkest of them all. … Continue reading Review – Storm Dancer, by Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall – Author Interview and Review

Rayne has a couple of stories in the Among the Headstones anthology. I'm going to do a review of Behind Him. This interview was provided for me, written by Rayne (I'm sure I've said enough about the problem with RSI, tendonosis, arfuritis, etc. with my thumbs, wrists and stuff) and I'm very pleased to show you her … Continue reading Rayne Hall – Author Interview and Review

Myk Pilgrim – Author Interview & Review

The story in the Among the Headstones anthology is A Bag Full of Flesh by Myk Pilgrim, and if you like different, this is definitely that, and a bit more. The interview is by Rayne Hall, and I’ll do a review at the end. INTERVIEW: MYK PILGRIM (compiled by Rayne Hall, 14 January 2022) What’s your experience of … Continue reading Myk Pilgrim – Author Interview & Review

What Makes a Happy Storyteller?

Reviews. Especially from people the writer respects and values as professional and sincere, a person with integrity, someone who helps and advises with flair and honesty. Why am I waffling on? Let me fill you in: It was the year 2017. I wrote a quick story during NaNoWriMo and self-published it. The story didn't turn … Continue reading What Makes a Happy Storyteller?

Cocky Review

No, I'm not talking about the review being cocky, the review is about Cocky, the main character in Who Will Rule Magic: Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile. Would you like to see the review? Okay, here it is. excerpt: " ... who doesn't like magic and animals together?" And for a peek at … Continue reading Cocky Review


There are people who still write letters. It's true. I received one today. It was a letter that contained words that flooded my body with tingles of happiness. Would you like me to share? Okay, but just a few lines - it was a personal letter, after all. Thank you for sending your book to … Continue reading Epistolary