No, don't take the following story too seriously. It's not meant to be serious. It's a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants story. It's only a story. Again, With Bite Sit still, you old bugger. I’ll strap you in proper and we’ll head off to the quacks. No, it’ll be quiet. Everyone’s at home. There’s a new illness. Don’t squawk, … Continue reading Seriously?

Weird Things

The card contained messages from her workmates. The usual guff. Except for one line. To see the self clearly, look into running water, a flowing river, not a still pool or a stormy sea. It wasn’t signed, and it created a shock in her feet. Bini had no idea there might be at least one … Continue reading Weird Things

Stories of Hope – It’s Here! It's an eBook only (a lot of stories in there, lots of people wanting to help), and all proceeds from the anthology will be distributed to the WWF Bushfire Relief Fund and Red Cross. Now available for pre-order -- I'm ordering mine now, and I hope you have a look when it comes out, … Continue reading Stories of Hope – It’s Here!