Fiction, short. The Fall Two days ago, I went into the bloody hospital. Hate those places. People go there to die. Doctors who don't look you in the eye, nurses who talk so fast the words don't make sense until they've been gone ten minutes. All those machines, all those things to fill out, all … Continue reading NDE

A Wall is not a Heart

A 500-word (ish) short contemporary fiction. Colour king-hit the wall. Blue. Not a soft blue, not eggshell blue, not sky blue. This was a black-hearted pirate blue, deep oceans, hidden secrets blue. “I didn’t want blue.” Dani stared at the scar it created against the undercoat grey. “It’s too dark. We don’t want dark.” Not … Continue reading A Wall is not a Heart

The Game

of attraction. Not between people, but toward a purpose, an end point. This is an experiment, so here goes ... Photo by Mitchell Luo on Pexels.com The Door The sign was for a new style of massage, with an image of strong masculine hands shaped to knead muscles. Hands with no callouses, short nails, no … Continue reading The Game

A Day Early

And still a dollar or so short ... But, here's the 500 word max story: Gran’s Last Diary Entry The big storm. That’s when it happened. Lightning and thunder scare the grumpkins outta the dog, and she patters around, panting and whining and fretting. Nobody sleeps. That’s why I was awake, why I saw it. … Continue reading A Day Early


A short story 500-ish words. The old lady ahead of Alec in the bus queue smelled of chocolate and old drawers. She squinted at him. “What?” Alec asked. “Do you want me to tell you where the bus goes?” she said. “No. I know where I’m going.” He was leaving home. Forever. He’d never be … Continue reading Boundaries