Conflict, suspense, and tension

(Okay, let's just pretend it's Friday and I'm doing my weekly update on the subject that came up several weeks ago) (The pic comes from Fandango and his Flash Fiction Challenge, except I'm not writing fiction -- or am I?) photo from Nicolae_Balt at Conflict: See that balloon? The conflict comes from the character … Continue reading Conflict, suspense, and tension

The Big Summary

There's this little wordage thrown around that goes something along the lines of Show, Don't Tell. And it's good advice. Except when it isn't. There are times when a bit of summarising is a good thing. "Two weeks later and she'd found nothing to indicate his history." That's a good summary unless something very important … Continue reading The Big Summary

Where to start?

It's a story thing. When does the story start? Is it with a big bang moment, or an introduction to the normal life? None of the above, is what I'd say. Why? I read a lot of stories that open with a big moment, or a deep character moment, and after a page or two, … Continue reading Where to start?

What do I see?

Stories are set somewhere. It's either background or part of the story in how it interacts with those who travel therein, or the character interacts with it in some way. We do not exist in white space. And yet I read stories where it's completely missing. There is nothing to visualise or imagine, no hint … Continue reading What do I see?

The Word-Witch

Or Wicked Witch. Whatever. I'm the witch. It's not a compliment, I'm sure of that. Picky, pedantic, pushy. A few other words. Why? Some people get offended when I give them a critique of their work. Maybe I'm not as nice as I could be, maybe I don't want to lay on the sugar, but … Continue reading The Word-Witch