Is this a post about storytelling? Yes. No. When we read, we get immersed in the story. The character is our avatar. We are the character. But where do we get these experiences? How can we, the writers, know enough about life to put it down in such a way that another person who is … Continue reading Avatar

What Happens Before the Writing?

Pre-writing is a thing for me. I have pages and pages of 'stuff' that relates to some aspect of the story. Snippets of conversation, an overheard argument between unknown characters, sounds, places, objects. I particularly like rambling about the history of the place they're in. How it started, why it started, when it grew beyond … Continue reading What Happens Before the Writing?

FFF … Again

It's not being rude, honest. In fact, I've talked about it before. It? The human reaction cycle: Freeze, Flight, Fight. Freeze is always first: Stand still and the danger won't see me. It also gives time to assess the situation, to decide whether to slowly sink down or sidle across to the darker shadows and … Continue reading FFF … Again

Where to start?

It's a story thing. When does the story start? Is it with a big bang moment, or an introduction to the normal life? None of the above, is what I'd say. Why? I read a lot of stories that open with a big moment, or a deep character moment, and after a page or two, … Continue reading Where to start?