Herja, Devastation

This blending of literary forms creates a unique nouveau noir style for the 21st Century. Do you dare to tread the dark side?

Herja, Devastation is a tale of
myth and mortality,
wielder and implement,
love and destiny.

Free-verse poetry combines with short prose in the style of an
Eddic tale modernised.
* * *
The legend of Valkyrie breathes, as
Herja, Devastation,
once wronged, aims her mortal agent at her enemies.

Her man bears this tale of vengeance in service to a higher, eminently more noble being.
He is her assassin and tool, and she is his destiny and dignity.
In the dirty business of death on demand, a purity of purpose lights the path as he seeks questions, provides answers and justice on her word.

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