A Simple Act – Short Story

“Put more logs on the fire!” Xera grabbed the basket she’d brought in. A few sticks remained, but no wood. “It’s too hot already,” the old man whined. “And fire won’t help.” Xera tossed the kindling into the flames and slammed the empty wire cage on the table. “Where is the wood?” “There!” He pointed … Continue reading A Simple Act – Short Story

Gaming It

A short story. The system stinks. The knobs turn the screws and pressure the plebs. Me, I'm the dirt under the feet of the plebs. A nobody with nothing going nowhere fast. It wasn't always this way. I was on an upward trajectory, a rising star in the world of sports and entertainment. Give me … Continue reading Gaming It


"You talkin' to me, punk?" That's the cat, whose name was once Slinky. He's a real spy-cat, a super-hero who can leap tall bookcases in a single bound - especially late at night when the walls vibrate with human purring, and he thinks they should either be quiet, or - the better option - get … Continue reading Kaoticat