Fiction, short. The Fall Two days ago, I went into the bloody hospital. Hate those places. People go there to die. Doctors who don't look you in the eye, nurses who talk so fast the words don't make sense until they've been gone ten minutes. All those machines, all those things to fill out, all … Continue reading NDE

A Wall is not a Heart

A 500-word (ish) short contemporary fiction. Colour king-hit the wall. Blue. Not a soft blue, not eggshell blue, not sky blue. This was a black-hearted pirate blue, deep oceans, hidden secrets blue. “I didn’t want blue.” Dani stared at the scar it created against the undercoat grey. “It’s too dark. We don’t want dark.” Not … Continue reading A Wall is not a Heart

The Game

of attraction. Not between people, but toward a purpose, an end point. This is an experiment, so here goes ... Photo by Mitchell Luo on Pexels.com The Door The sign was for a new style of massage, with an image of strong masculine hands shaped to knead muscles. Hands with no callouses, short nails, no … Continue reading The Game


A short story (500 words-ish) Same, but different. After all this time, all this distance, and only Innes remained the same ten-year-old she’d been then. Her best clothes now worn to rags, her feet bare since the sandals turned to scaly flakes. She was back at the place, but not the moment. The fishing market … Continue reading Slip

The Empty Wall

A short story based on this prompt: from here. The walls are dry, dusty and cobbled with webs. My hands shake as I shove the torch to make a way through. How could such a large space not be noticed from the outside? The next step slopes down. More steps, darker and deeper, the moisture … Continue reading The Empty Wall