Works in Progress

Next Cab/s off the Rank:

There are many stories awaiting a spin of the story-wheel of fortune. This page will be updated as things happen to reflect the future prospects …

Plans and outlines, oh, so many of them, and all underway, underplayed, as yet unwritten in their entirety …

Under construction, but not necessarily in order:

The Shorts/Novelettes/Novella Stories – Australian Folk Horror

The Dig
Two young women need to stay out of sight for a while, and take up the offer of work on a station — cooking, cleaning, the usual, and a bonus — any help on the nearby paleontology dig is extra pay.
But the mud-map directions lead them beyond the world they know, and the skeletons on the side of the road are only the first sign of things to come.
Monsters behind, below, above. How can they fight their way out of this situation? The crime boss wants them dead, the station boss wants them to satisfy his other tenant, and the ghosts that follow want something no one understands.

The Bridge
What is it that drags Jayce back to the town where the only thing left standing is the bridge over the dry riverbed and the screaming memories of the deaths of his family and friends? Maybe this time, he can bury the ghosts. If not, he’s going to take the final step and blow the town, the bridge and all the memories into oblivion before the terror returns …

The Gate
All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter In. That’s the sign on the gate, and Klio knows what they did. She sets the terms of their stay. Even if it’s breaking the rules.

Revised version of the story published in Outback Horrors Downunder.
Forced to take a regular job, a man sees a chance to make his dreams come true, but gold lust is a vicious mistress.

Wellbridge (title under consideration)
If they won’t let her go home, she’ll destroy the bridge to stop them crossing to her side and offering false hope.

A Dark and Stormy Night
When the storm comes, it’s not the weather that threatens, and now there’s only two of them and a dog; they can’t go outside, food is low, and the enemy watches and waits …

The Waterhole
The oldest unnamed novitiate chooses to test the myth of the water challenge. Not to win; she wants to be written into the histories, remembered for all time, even if it takes a spectacular death to earn her name. She wasn’t counting on the myth being real.

A Voided History
Folk horror – body-snatcher who steals your identity, your life, your soul.

The Call to Magic

Novitiate is out now. If there’s interest in this story, I’ll keep going with the others. If not, it may be unpublished.

The Call to Magic is a series of novella stories based on the Paths of Magic. Ten (or maybe eleven) stories about travelling the paths that lead to the magic stage/number.
From Novitiate to the End stage of magic, one novella at a time. Magic, Folk Horror, Hope.
The Call to Magic: Maiden – Part 2 of the Magic novellas. Stay tuned for further updates (release schedule tba).

Novitiate, Maiden, Muse, Seer, Sage, Sorcerer, Sacrifice, Ferity, Fury, Nomad. The final stage on the path to magic is Zero, the Ouroboros, the one who sees all. The travellers on the path meet together for the last time to take on the final task to save it all (want to keep reading? I’ll let you know when they’re ready to meet you).

In the meantime, there’s these stories:

Finit – The End – Done – Available:

Blackened Rose

Meet the man who works the night to find the price of a soul.

The Call to Magic: Novitiate

Dark Urban Fantasy, horror (Dante-esque) — Awaken, spirit of Maiden, soul of purity, heart of empath. Come, seek your true purpose, if you dare …

Libra, from Aussie Speculative Fiction Zodiac series

Outback Horrors Down Under published by Things in the Well

Stories of Hope – I have a short in the anthology to raise funds for the fires in Australia: Milli n Muddy, so check it out.

Herja, Devastation

Valkyrie in the style of an eddic saga, this nouveau-noir story steps through a man’s love and devotion to a cause.
He trained her, named her, set her on the path.
A collaboration of two storytellers …


Dark Folk horror, Central Australia – Two people, one Other, and the 9,500 square kilometre lake. The Gate is open, the Diaballein breaks through …

Not On The Cards

Urban Fantasy/Arcane/soft sci-fi – A mother’s loss vs the millions of lives in the Icosa – which will the Gate-Keeper choose?

Who Will Rule Magic?

Kraken, Dragon, Cat vs Kangaroo, Cockatoo, Crocodile – Fantasy Allegory – Can Cocky save the world from the rule of Overlord Cat?

Short Stories:


A collection of short stories.

— More will follow!

If there’s anything you want to read, any title that tugs at your desire to know what it’s about, do this: email me

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